USPSA and IPSC shooting are the most popular forms of practical pistol competition world-wide. They emphasize speed, accuracy, tactical skill, and creative problem-solving.

Shooters compete in eight divisions:

  1. Production: Double-action or striker-fired handguns, caliber 9mm or larger, with limited modifications. These are mostly carry guns, similar to the IDPA SSP division.  There is an approved list located online.
  2. Revolver: Six-shot double-action revolvers with iron sights and unported barrels. Revolvers with higher capacity, optics, or ports can compete in Production or Open divisions
  3. Single Stack: Traditional 1911-style autos, with limited size, weight, and magazine capacity.
  4. Limited: Autos with larger magazine capacities. Most modifications are allowed except ports, compensators, and optic sights.
  5. Limited-10: Similar to Limited but with magazine capacity limited to 10 rounds.
  6. Open: Pretty much anything goes. Open guns usually have huge magazines, optical sights, and compensators.
  7. Carry Optics:  Approved production guns with the addition of a slide mounted optic.  Modification is permitted such as stippling, slide cuts, and aftermarket triggers.
  8. Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC):  A carbine (with a buttstock) that shoots a pistol cartridge.

Please see the full description of the rules published on the USPSA website:

Stages may require anywhere up to 32 rounds of ammunition.

USPSA matches are held on the second and fourth Sundays of the month (five to seven stages). The first Sunday match usually includes one classifier.

Up to 200-250 rounds of ammunition.

New shooters are welcome. You do not have to be a USPSA member.  Go to for match dates/times and registration info.

What You Need:

  • Eye and ear protection
  • A pistol, revolver or carbine – caliber 9mm or larger
  • Spare magazines, speedloaders, or moon clips
  • Belt, holster, and magazine/speedloader/clip carriers
  • Water and sunscreen

Pima Pistol is a USPSA member club.

Match Information:

For all match information including sign-up, squadding, start times and match scores, go to

$15 for all shooters

Contact Information:
For information about USPSA matches, contact Jaminh Vo, Match Director