USPSA and IPSC shooting are the most popular forms of practical pistol competition world-wide. They emphasize speed, accuracy, tactical skill, and creative problem-solving.

Shooters compete in eight divisions:

  1. Production: Double-action or striker-fired handguns, caliber 9mm or larger, with limited modifications. These are mostly carry guns, similar to the IDPA SSP division.  There is an approved list located online.
  2. Revolver: Six-shot double-action revolvers with iron sights and unported barrels. Revolvers with higher capacity, optics, or ports can compete in Production or Open divisions
  3. Single Stack: Traditional 1911-style autos, with limited size, weight, and magazine capacity.
  4. Limited: Autos with larger magazine capacities. Most modifications are allowed except ports, compensators, and optic sights.
  5. Limited-10: Similar to Limited but with magazine capacity limited to 10 rounds.
  6. Open: Pretty much anything goes. Open guns usually have huge magazines, optical sights, and compensators.
  7. Carry Optics:  Approved production guns with the addition of a slide mounted optic.  Modification is permitted such as stippling, slide cuts, and aftermarket triggers.
  8. Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC):  A carbine (with a butt stock) that shoots a pistol cartridge.

Please see the full description of the rules published on the USPSA website:

Stages may require anywhere up to 32 rounds of ammunition.

USPSA matches are held once a month on Sundays (five to seven stages). Check the Pima Pistol Club calendar for dates.

Up to 200-250 rounds of ammunition.

New shooters are welcome. You do not have to be a USPSA member.  Go to for match dates/times and registration info.

What You Need:

  • Eye and ear protection
  • A pistol, revolver or carbine – caliber 9mm or larger
  • Spare magazines, speed loaders, or moon clips
  • Belt, holster, and magazine/speed loader/clip carriers
  • Water and sunscreen

Pima Pistol is a USPSA member club.

Match Information:

For all match information including sign-up, squadding, start times and match scores, go to

$20 for all shooters

Contact Information:
For information about USPSA matches, contact Jaminh Vo, Match Director