Memberships & Fees

Day Shooter  Rates

General public – $20
Active or retired military and law enforcement (with ID) – $18
Under 18 years old, with parent or guardian – no charge

Age Restrictions

Anyone under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or under the supervision of a certified firearms instructor, when on the range.

  • Children under 8 years old are not allowed on the property
  • Children 8 or older may fire .22 LR rifles when supervised
  • Children 10 or older who have completed a Hunter Safety or Firearm Safety program may fire center-fire rifles when supervised. You must provide proof of completion of the program
  • Children 14 or older may fire centerfire rifles and handguns, when supervised

Annual Memberships

All memberships include member-supervised children under the age of 18.  Spouses can be added to the membership for $50.00 annually

Initiation (one time) fee for new members – $75    (Memberships expired >30 days are considered to be new memberships)

Non-NRA member – $180
NRA member – $140
Military/law enforcement, non-NRA member – $165
Military/law enforcement, NRA member – $125
NRA membership purchased at PPC – $35 or $10

Members get access to member-only ranges!  Two free day passes with primary new or renewed membership. Passes must be used when present with a member.

To join, please visit the range and fill out an application at the administrator’s office, or download the Membership Application 5.1.2022 and bring the completed form to the range to have your membership set up.

New memberships are done in person at the range.  Renewal memberships may be done by phone or mail.

Special Rates & Events

Recognized youth groups (e.g. Boy Scouts, 4-H or other shooting teams) can use the range free with a User Agreement and by prior arrangement.

Parts of the range, as well as our classroom and other facilities, can be reserved for training by military, law enforcement, and qualified commercial and non-profit training organizations.

Contact us for more information.