ICORE is an action pistol sport for revolvers only. It’s a fast sport, similar to USPSA, designed for wheelguns. Using a mix of NRA D-1 “tombstone” and steel targets, ICORE requires speed, accuracy, and a lot of skill.

Shooters can compete in one of three divisions:

  1. Classic (formerly Retro): Six-shot revolvers, reloaded with speed loaders.
  2. Open: Revolvers with any of the following:
    • Optical sights.
    • Ports or compensator.
    • Extended ribs.
    • Replacement barrel.
    • Weighted barrel, grips, lug, etc.
  3. Limited: Any other revolver.

All guns must be .32 magnum or larger. Seven- and eight-shot guns and ones using full-moon clips shoot in open or limited.

As of January 2016, ICORE matches are held on the first Saturday of every month.
Four stages.

New shooters are welcome, and you do not have to be an ICORE member.
Up to 120 rounds of ammunition.
Pima Pistol is an ICORE member club.

What You Need:

  • Eye and ear protection
  • A revolver, caliber .32 magnum or larger
  • Speedloaders or moonclips
  • Belt, holster, and speedloader/clip carriers
  • Water and sunscreen
Match Scores

Match Information:

Winter hours:
7:30 am – Stage setup
8:30 am – Registration
9:00 am – Shooting starts

Summer hours:
7:00 am – Stage setup
7:30 am – Registration
8:00 am – Shooting starts

$10 Pima Pistol Club member
$15 Non-member

Contact Information:
For information about ICORE matches, contact Ed Williams