Trigger Diagnostic Session – December 21st

Join the class and become a better shooter

Each participant will receive a personalized electronic diagnosis of grip and trigger press issues using the MantisX inertial system. Issues will be identified with the MantisX and correlated with paper results as well as SIRT pistol. Participants will receive professional instruction on corrective measures. This is an excellent course for competitive shooters who have plateaued, intermediate shooters who want to continue to progress, or those new to shooting who simply want to establish good habits.

Requirements – Pistol with picatinny accessory rail, or coordinate ahead of time to have a rail attached to one magazine.  Minimum 50 rounds of ammunition. PPC members and non-members must sign in at the range desk first.

Class size is limited to 2 trainees per one-hour slot.

Cost: $40

Bradley Pickens
Certified NRA Pistol Coach



Image copyright: MantisX

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