Tactical 22LR Precision Rifle Open Range Session on July 30th

Tactical 22LR Precision Rifle is hosting an open range session on July 30th (5th Sunday) at the 200yd bay. 0730 setup, 0800-1200 shooting. This is an open format with no set course of fire. Shooters can practice any position / barricade they wish, at any distances within safety constraints. Paper target stands and steel targets will be available. 

This is an excellent opportunity to gather DOPE, or for prospective shooters to explore the discipline. A spotting scope and tripod is recommended for this session. 

Tentative Schedule: 

  •     0800, 100yds DOPE
  •     0810, 120yds DOPE
  •     0820, 140yds DOPE
  •     0830, 160yds DOPE
  •     0840, 180yds DOPE
  •     0850, 200yds DOPE
  •     0900-1000, 25-50yd Positional 
  •     1000-1100, 60-100yd Positional
  •     1100-1200, 110-200yd Positional

Come join us.
Alton & Jeremy

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