Range Day Was An Overwhelming Success!

Pima Pistol Club’s first Volunteer Day of 2017 is in the books, and we’d like to extend a sincere thanks to all of the volunteers that came out to help fix up our range!  Eager helpers spent the day repairing props, organizing storage sheds, rejuvenating the jailhouse, and giving a much-needed facelift to ranges.  A delicious lunch of fresh grilled hamburgers, chips, and soda was provided to the volunteers, served with a smile by Butch.      

Storage sheds were cleaned out and props in need of maintenance were separated and repaired.  A power-tool wielding crew led by Steel Challenge Match Director Chuck Philpot spent hours on Range 3 dismantling and rebuilding our prop walls. 

The jailhouse on Range 6 had seen better days and was beginning to resemble Swiss cheese with all the holes, so it was spackled, braced and painted by a group led by IDPA Match Director Brad Louis. 

The muscle-men, led by USPSA Match Director J.R. Rayl, moved rocks, shoveled dirt, and hauled railroad ties on Range 5.  Even Pima Pistol Club President Steve Reiter joined in the fun, grading the ranges with the tractor.  The range looks wonderful and we have you, our members and volunteers, to thank. 

Join Us For The Next Range Day

If you missed out on the fun this time around, we have scheduled the next Volunteer Day for Sunday, April 30th. Please consider joining us then for another day of hard work, tasty food, and delightful company!

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January 31st, 2017|0 Comments