Great showing from our PPC Members at the New Mexico IDPA Scorcher on June 8th- Congrats everyone!

Elias Frangoulis – Overall Champ, 1st CDP/DM and Most Accurate
Cody Shorter – 2nd CO/MA
Hunter Marcuson – 3rd CO/SS
Clarence Banez – 4th CO/SS
Kimiko Donahue – 2nd ESP/EX, 2nd High Lady
Justin Burke – 6th – ESP/EX
Jared Epperson – 9th – ESP/EX
Brad Louis – 6th ESP/MA, 2nd  High Distinguished Senior
Olena Phillips – 6th ESP/MM, 11th High Lady
Kathy Swan – 9th ESP/MM, 13th High Lady
Clark Vaught – 14th ESP/MM
Teri Keefe – 9th ESP/SS
Dillon Ventzke – 1st SSP/MA, High Veteran
Robert Neal – 3rd SSP/MM
Robert Townsend – 6th SSP/MM, 11th Distinguished Senior