Steel Workers

All Steel, All the Time

Steel Workers is our own home-grown run-and-gun steel-target pistol match. We haul out all the steel–poppers, plate racks, Texas stars, Steel Challenge plates, knock-offs. You knock them down.

You can shoot any gun and equipment that are acceptable for USPSA or IDPA.

Steel Workers matches are held the first Sunday of every month.

Five stages.
Up to 150 rounds of ammunition.

New shooters are welcome.

What You Need:

  • Eye and ear protection
  • A pistol or revolver, caliber 9mm/.38 special or larger
  • Spare magazines, speedloaders, or moon clips
  • Belt, holster, and magazine/speedloader/clip carriers
  • Water and sunscreen


Match Information:

For all match information including sign-up, squadding, start times and match scores, go to

$10 Pima Pistol Club member
$15 Non-member

Contact Information:
For information about Steel Workers matches, contact JR Rayl